Nelson,BC, Canada May 25.,2012……….Dominical ,Costa Rica, AUG, 26,2012
My name is Cate Shaw…..
Six years ago I asked the universe for a kitchen and restaurant of my own,I asked for the warmth of the tropics, a new language and culture to embrace,…..6 years later the universe has given to me all I asked for and so much more. When I drove down the lane to Costa Paraiso….I knew I was home!
Counting to 10 in Spanish ( learned from watching spanish sesame street with my Grand baby Vayda) saying good morning and how are you( with improper pronunciation) were the total limits to my spanish vocabulary.Though I did come armed with a fierce desire to learn .
I am here almost 3 months now ( Aug 26) Making small changes with the kitchen ,additions of new garden space for our own herbs and vegetables, in the process of making new table cloths and finally have finished the changes to our menu.
The addition of a brunch menu and new times 7am-2pm (TUES.-SUN.)… well, for your dining pleasure …. new pizzas,and a design your own pizza ,yummy bocas,and fresh baked desserts daily. We will be offering daily specials as well; check the blog or come on over to PQN?, just ask the server !The Por que No oven is fired up , rain or shine….(the exception, Monday we are closed)
Please come and check us out, enjoy an ocean viewing experience unrivaled ,and food that will hopefully leave you wanting more!!!! Thank you for your patience as I embark for the first time , writing a blog…..I am ready for anything….I hope you are too!!
I’ll be adding some photos soon , we want you to meet our family here at Costa Paraiso/ POR QUE NO ?? and see some of the fare we are offering to entice your palates…..Hosta Luego

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